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  1. While it's always a pleasure to see Goldblum, his appearance is little more than a glorified cameo.

  2. Superficially "fun" but ultimately hollow, this movie argues that future Star Wars movies might be better served by plowing new, fertile ground rather than churning through terrain that has already given its best yield. Toni Collette's committed performance helps to sell the movie even during its most unconvincing moments.

  3. Buildup is crucial in these situations and that's where Adrift falls short. There's plenty of visual pizazz and action to keep the kids engaged although some may become restless toward the end - the movie is unusually long for an animated feature - with the 7-minute short added in, the running time is close to two hours. With Dave Bautista shouting, "The plane!

  4. Fallen Kingdom is never sure quite what it wants to be and it's possible to sense the pressure applied to Colin Trevorrow who co-wrote the screenplay with Derek Connolly not to repeat himself. I played tag when I was a kid.

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